Camping Recipes

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There is an endless variety of tasty camping recipes to choose from whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or supper.  Just what recipe you choose will be up to you and the type of camping you are doing.  Backpacking or camping by yourself, there are recipes for quick easy simple meals, with just a few ingredients or even prepackaged (just add water).  On the other hand, if you are Van or Truck Camping, the recipes you choose can be more elaborate if desired.

Types of Camping Recipes

Campfire Cooking

There is a recipe your type of camping schedule, as well as level of expertise.  No matter how you plan to cook, there is a delicious outdoor camping recipe.  This includes anyone who wants to prepare healthy meals or is on restricted diet.  There are healthy camping recipes that can be adapted for cooking outdoors with a little creativity.  You may want to try some of the techniques taught to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, which will expand your choice.  With all that is available, cooking a meal could be an activity in its self.

There are recipes for cooking on

As you are looking over all your choices, do not overlook the breakfast recipes, it can be more than eggs and bacon.   A delicious breakfast is a great way to start your day of activities.  After a full day of activities, you may lean towards quick and easy camping recipes.  There are recipes that require only two or three ingredients and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.  If you are going to be spending the day around the campsite, you may want to try recipes that require an hour or more.  Imagine have rump roast or rack of ribs slowly cooking on the campfire.  You will have the other campers envious.

Space and time will be the only restriction of choice of recipes for your camping meals.  This is why you will notice several of the ingredients in camping recipes do not need refrigeration.  Prepackaging the ingredients will cut your prep time and allow more time for relaxing and less time cooking.   Look over the recipes that you have decide to fix on your camping trip, can some of the ingredients be pre-measured, chopped etc.  Pre-measuring the dry ingredient into a baggie or container will not only be one less step but will be a space saver.   

 Food that can be frozen, can be prepped a week or more ahead of time, then, at the campsite, you can add the fresh ingredients.  When it requires marinating this is a definite time saver. This is another way to help keep the other food in your cooler stay cold and save on ice.

Camping Meal Planning & Preparation

In planning your camping menu, consider also how you plan to cook the meals.  Will it be campfire, foil packets, Dutch Oven, Camp Stove, or something more primitive?  Varying how you prepare meals will add another adventure to your camping trip.  Go outside your comfort zone, the worst that could happen it that you will have to open a can of beans.

Take time to look at the more primitive ways to prepare your meals, it may be fun to try the more non-traditional ways especially if you are Family Camping.  Primitive type of cooking is something the kids can get involved with as an activity.  Gather the materials, review before leaving, and try it out at the site.

Camping Recipes

After deciding how you would like to prepare your meals, look over the camping recipes for the cooking style you are doing.  Keep in mind some recipes can be adapted to other styles of cooking. If the meal is meant to be prepared on the camp stove, it may work with a Dutch Oven.  If the recipe calls to be cooked on a campfire, try the camp stove.  Adapt meals you have at home to your camping menu; it is the same meal just cooked a different way.

When preparing your meals to help keep the area clean you may want to lay out a large piece of plastic or foil to put your food and utensils on.  This will make clean up quick and easy.  Always cover your pot or pan when cooking this will not only save time and fuel but assure not dirt, leaves, etc. get into your food.  You may want to prepackage some of your food.

It may be a good idea to try it at home if possible first, if you are not familiar with the technique used for a particular dish.  Cooking on a camp stove is not quite the same as cooking on your stove at home.  Cooking on a campfire is not the same as cooking on a grill.  Using a Dutch Oven or any other cast iron pot or skillet is different over an open fire or with charcoals than on a camp stove.

Some of the different ways you might cook your meals are:

  • Dutch Oven
  • Grilling
  • Foil Packets
  • Camp Stove
  • Camp Oven
  • Campfire
  • Tin Can Stove
  • Reflector Oven
  • Can Barbecue

Campers Favorite Recipes

Outdoor Recipes

Adapting a favorite meal, that you enjoy at home, to camp cooking may give it a completely new flavor.  

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Check out the pages below for a list of recipes for easy to make delicious meals that other campers enjoy. We have added a few we have collected over the years.

Once you review all the ones like, you may find yourself trying to adapt the camping recipe in your own kitchen.  Remember cooking requires heat, so adapting should be easy on the campfire.

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