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Finding the Perfect Campsite

Finding the right camping locations are becoming more and more of a challenge as communities continue to expand.  State and National Parks are becoming the choice as privately owned are becoming more scarce. 

The whole idea is to "get away from it all" and that means away from civilization as much as possible.  This is why setting up camp in or near the mountains still provides many campsites that remove the human factor and let you enjoy what you came for: The Great Outdoors!

Where to find good a camping location

There are four main types of campgrounds in which to search for:

  • National Park Service
  • State Parks
  • Privately owned
  • Religious or organizations

National Parks

The U.S. Department of the Interior maintains the national parks throughout the country. The link below will bring you to the U.S. Parks Find it page.  Simply search by Activity, then choose Camping and then a list of parks will appear to the right that supports or has camping areas.

State Parks

Smokey mountains

Here are links to many of the state parks and regional areas that cover much of the Southeast:

In addition, here is a useful site when trying to find camping locations in the Great Smoky Mountains or trying to find camping in Georgia, Great Smokies National Park

Privately Owned

Many privately owned campgrounds that are wonderful places to camp.  Over the years with the popularity of RV's, Pop-up Trailers, and Small Camping Trailers, many of the campgrounds are called RV parks.  The layout of many of these sites are sectioned off by various types of camping.


Some camping locations will divide the camping into an adult area and a family area.  The family area will have the most amenities such as playground, showers, etc.  The adult area will be a little more primitive and farther from the facilities.

Privately owned campgrounds amenities vary from primitive on up.  We like the primitive campsites with the stream just feet from the tent.  When you are looking for a campground be sure to do your homework. 

Not sure the campground will turn out like you want?  Then just make a reservation for a single night and give yourself plenty of time to look things over.  Trying to get a refund in many cases is next to impossible once you have set up camp.  But unless the site is extremely popular, your site is probably available for multiple nights and you can extend your stay.

Here are a few websites to do your search:

Making reservations

Lake campsite

Many campgrounds will require you making reservations for your stay.  It is advisable to do this two or three months ahead especially if you are going June - August.  Once you have the reservation you may be able to change dates if necessary.

When making the reservation is the time to ask questions.  Remember you want to have an enjoyable stay with no regrets, so no question is a stupid one.  Such as whether or not the campsite is located on a river or stream and whether the water is fast flowing. This may seem like a dumb question, but we found ourselves at a campsite one July, 5 feet away from a dried up riverbed because I failed to ask.

Some other questions you want to ask are:

  • Is there an area for children to play?
  • Is there an adult area?
  • Is there electricity or water available and is that extra?
  • What is there to do around that area? (rafting, hiking, points of interest)
  • Are pets allowed and is there a charge?

The best Camping Locations

Everyone has an opinion as to where the best campsite is.  We lean toward the any campground we can camp right on the bank of a stream or river.

There are two reasons for being on a river or stream:

  1. The water itself will create a gentle cool breeze regardless of ambient temperatures
  2. It tends to drown out any other outside noises.

You probably have your own criteria for what is the perfect campsite.  The place that you go to every year.  Knowing that you will have a great time, chance to relax and bring back memories. 

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