Camping Heaters

- for those cold nights.

A Camping Heater is a convenience that should not be taken for granted.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter, do not cut corners.  They are not to be used while sleeping and good ventilation is required.  It is suggested 3 sq. feet for every 1000 BTU with air flow such as a gap in the door and/or an open window.

That being said it is nice to warm up on a cold morning or warm up the tent for the night.  There are several units that are made for your specific type of camping.  Follow the instructions and you will be even more comfortable.  No camping heater is to be used throughout the night, that is what a sleeping bag is for.  The main use of the heater is to keep you warm while you are awake.

Tent camping heaters

Tent Camping Heater

There are two types of heaters for a tent.  One that sets inside and requires good ventilation and the other is designed to set outside and blow the heated air inside.  Both types are fueled by propane.

Placement of the unit in the tent should be the same as in a home.  Follow the manufacturers suggested safety instructions.   A larger canvas tent designed with a specific area for heaters or stove will already be set up for proper ventilation.  Having a stove obviously removes the need for any additional heaters.

Along with heaters you can use in a tent, there are also dual purpose heater/cookers.  Tilt horizontally for cooking and vertically for heating.

Camping Heater

A heater of this type may be useful when backpacking and staying in a large tent or shelter.  It is ineffective to use a heater in a one man tents or under a tarp.  Your only option is to dress warmly or to carry glove and/or boot warmers.

This is one piece of equipment not every camper will purchase.  Warm clothes and a sleeping bag will provide the warmth that you need during the day's activities or sleeping.  Although there are many of you that enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or other activities in which cold temperatures are part of the excitement, but being able to keep warm inside your tent without all the winter gear is just as important.

Do your research, stick with the reliable brands of heaters and follow all safety instructions. Visit our CAMPING STORE page to look over a variety of heaters.

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