Camping Hammock

Backpacking tent

Laying in a Camping Hammock in the middle of nature, what could be more relaxing?  Staring at the sky or settling down for a nap or good nights sleep.  Designed to be put up in just a few minutes between a couple of trees or its own freestanding frame with a tent style.   Either type will allow you to be up off the ground, away from the damp, hard ground and crawling/slithering creatures.

Camping Hammock design

Whether you are Backpacking, Canoe Camping or Motorcycle camping this can be the answer to having comfort and coverage in one compact piece.  Once rolled up and put into its bag, you are looking at something that takes up less room than a sleeping bag.

Backpacking tent

Basic design is a combination tent and hammock, and with the variety of designs, your needs can be met.  An average weight of 5 lbs. making this an obvious choice when looking for portability.  When the style includes a canopy for protection against the elements, you now have your tent and sleeping bag all in one.  Don't forget, it will also serve as a chair for sitting whether eating or sitting around the campfire.

The various designs include, but not limited to ones with mosquito netting to tent like construction with mosquito net and rain fly.  Sizes will very, from room for one sleep, to room sleep two.  Others are design to allow you to store gear at one end.  Even designed long enough to accommodate someone 7 ft. tall with weight capacities averaging 250 lbs.  Average weight for one to accommodate a tall person is less than 7 lbs.

In what temperature?

Great for warm weather, with or without a sleeping bag.  Of course, with warmer weather you will experience bugs.  Many are designed with a bug screen so no problem there.  Your sleeping bag can be used as a mattress for extra comfort.

Camping Hammocks

A camping hammock can be used for colder weather but you will have to account for the temperature.  You will need to add either a pad or a space blanket.  Your sleeping bag would need to be rated for the temperatures in the area you are camping.  Of course, we don't need to mention you will already be wearing warm clothing to begin with.

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