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Now you need some Camping Equipment Tips right?  You got the equipment but now a few thing the instructions don't give you.  Your on the right page, below is a list of some useful tips that any camper can use.  Some cover repair, easier usage, and care for the equipment.

Many have been gathered over the years talking with other campers including our buddy Camping Carl.  He has more Camping Equipment tips of all the campers we have talked to. Like you we are always seeking ways to make our camping trip better.  We learn these Camping Equipment Tips by talking with others, searching the web and reading.

Like Camper Carl we can't remember all of the Camp Equipment and Supply Tips that we have learned over the years.  That is where you can help, know some tips, why not share the them with us?

1. A plastic bottle makes a good latrine for cold weather camping. Keep it just outside the tent flap. A length of chain and a piece of coat hanger bent into an S-shape will allow you to hang your lantern.

2. Use glow sticks for a bit of soft light at night.  A glow stick attached to tent spike to mark their location at night

3. Head lamps hung around your neck can provide a hands-free light source

4. To hang a lantern, get those lightweight metal rods that are used for hanging plants and stick them in the ground around your campsite

5. Duct tape can be used to repair, patch, attach most anything such as patching tents, mend poles, hold up schedules, patching torn shoes, hold poles for mosquito nets to cots, etc.

6. Use a large zip lock plastic bag, filled with air, or extra clothes  can be used as a pillow.

7. A shower bag is great to carry items that you don't want to get wet..

8. 5 gal bucket with a lid is great  to carry and keep items dry.  It also can be used as a stool or to carry water in.

9. To increase the visibility and to avoid tripping on, mark the guide lines and  tent stacks with foil or colored fabric

10. Inspect ax head, make sure it is secure on handle and sharp before leaving.

11. Always bring a roll of duct tape. To conserve space flatten roll or wrap several feet around a lighter, dowl, ax handle, etc.

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