Camping Checklist

is vital in planning your camping trip

When planning your trip, use a Camping Checklist.  There are so many things to remember to take and not take, what is enough, what is not enough.  If you do not take everything you need you will not have the experience you are expecting.  A packing list will be just as essential as any piece of camping gear.

What type one do you need, how many pages?  Only you can answer that, and it will depend on where and how long you will be gone.  What type of camping you are doing, Tent, Primitive or Pop Up will be a determining factor.  Depending on the type of camping you plan on doing will also affect what items you include.

There are several things to consider when determining what items should be on your camping trip checklist.  The amount of room you will have at your campsite and in your vehicle.  You will be amazed how little you will need, or want to take.

Think about what you plan on doing on your trip:

  • Will you need specific gear for activities you are planning?
  • What type of meals do you plan on having?
  • What type of weather are you expecting?
  • What are the basics that you will need?

With each trip you will learn what you really need to take and what is just nice to have.  Consider purchasing different items strictly for camping.  No matter what type of camping you are doing, it may be easier to set up containers strictly for camping.  This will assure you have the necessary items to make sure your camping adventure is memorable.

Having a container for specific items will help you, stay organized and will be easier to inventory such as:

    - Food
    - Cooking
    - Gear
    - Campsite
    - Tent

Here are list broken down by the type of camping you plan on doing that may help make the trip more successful. 

Camping Checklist


Canoe Camping

Car Camping

Family Camping

Motorcycle Camping

Tent Camping

Truck Camping 

Van Camping

On each of the pages, we have set up a printable version in a pdf format.  So whether you need a tent camping list or just a camping pack list, you will find it here.  

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