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There are camping chairs designed for every sitting need while outdoors.  Whether you need one for sitting at your campsite or one for your canoe, sitting in comfort becomes a priority.  Actually, several of the designs are similar to those used at home, but portability.  The majority of them come with a canvas bag for easy carrying, and storage.

Most are made with a durable, rust proof aluminum frame or from a durable plastic similar to PVC pipe.  Seats and back are made of canvas, mesh, or nylon mesh fabric covering a foam pad.  Collapsing or folding down makes it very easy to fit into their own storage bag.  As with other products the price range varies, the higher quality having a higher price.

Folding stools or lounges all fall under this category.  There are variations to fit every type of outdoor.  Some can serve as a dual purpose such as the lounge and power lounger, where others will make you feel at home, just without the walls such as the rocker or recliner.

Types of Camping Chairs


Lounger Camping Chair

The Lounge Chair gives you the most body support rather than just sitting.  Easy to set up from a flat design, a lounge chair can be just what you need to take that afternoon nap.  Some come with padded headrest, arms, and cup holder.  Lightweight easily folded for easy storage.


Camping Seats

Ideal for comfort while on the trail or fishing from the bank.  Lightweight, folding flat, padded, or non-padded.  Some are designed to flatten out to be used as a sleeping pad.  Ideal for backpacking, taking up very little space, attaching to the outside of a backpack.

Camping Chairs

Camping Chair

Vary in style including the basic, folding, recliner, and even a good old fashion rocking chair.  Some include a headrest and cup holder adding even more comfort.  All perfect for sitting and relaxing watching the day go by.  With canvas or nylon fabric seat and back, aluminum frame, the chair is easy carry, store, and set-up.  Try the various brands for that perfect chair.

Canoe Seats

Canoe Seats

Provides the needed back support that doesn't exist in a canoe.  Padded back support on some can be used as a float when needed.  Attaches to cross support of canoe and easily removed for sitting around the campfire.  Lightweight, covered with water resistant material.

Power lounger

Power Lounger Camping Chair

Is the ultimate, the perfect addition to any campsite when a much needed rest is in order.  Built similar to a recliner, providing full body support from head to toe.  Some are come with headrest and cup holder for added comfort.  Perfect for relaxing, or even taking a nap.  Lightweight, easy to carry and store.

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