Camping Beds

Are not just a Sleeping Bag

Camping Beds can be more than just a blanket on the ground.  Depending on space and your comfort level, you can have as restful night sleep as you do at home.  With the variety of bedding choices, you are only limited by space and your budget.  From a sleeping bag to an air mattress on a frame, anyone can be comfortable.  This variety does include backpacking, motorcycle camping and truck camping beds.

Using an air mattress or cot may just entice some of you that need or desire more comfort to go camping.  Placing your sleeping bag on either will not only give you the desired support and/or comfort but also will get you off the cold hard ground.  Not to mention keeping you dry during an unexpected down pour leaking into the tent.  Getting a good night sleep while camping will make the longer trips even more enjoyable even if you are using only a camping canopy.

Sleeping Pads

Sleeping Pads

The Sleeping Pad is the most basic camping bed, and widely used.  Light, compact, and are ideal for Backpacking and Motorcycle camping.  Available in foam, thermal, or air, a pad puts a layer comfort, as well as protection between you and the ground.  Easy to use, easy to store, lightweight and compact, comfort for any type of camping you do.

Air pads are just smaller version of an air mattress, approximately 4" H, and easily inflate without a pump.  Foam Pads come in various thicknesses, with or without covers.  Whatever type of pad you choose, you are choosing a barrier from the damp, cold ground.

Camping Beds / Tent Cots

Camping Cots come in a variety of sizes and styles that accommodate almost everyone's comfort level.  Choices start with the basic canvas cot to a Tent Cot, add a sleeping bag or just a blanket and go to sleep.  Three items to consider no matter what style you choose is size, weight, and weight capacity.

Camping Beds

If this is something you want as a camping bed, size and weight are two of the items to consider.  The cots can fold in half or collapse down to fit in a bag similar to canvas chairs.  They come in a wide variety of designs, from canvas to cots with air mattresses, flat to adjustable.  It will be a good idea to shop around and try the cot out before buying.  There are a lot of good suppliers, and you should check them out online then go into their store and compare.

Bifold cots come with or without a air or foam mattress and fold flat.  The height can vary from 9 inches off the ground to 18 inches and some offer adjustable legs.  This type would be more for those who are going to have a base camp or be at a campground.  If you  go with a cot, you may want to consider other accessories such as a gear locker or nightstand.

Tent Cots

Tent cots

Why not become even more adventurous and consider a Tent Cot.  A tent/cot combination tent and cot, which if you think about it, maybe the ideal thing for an extra sleeping room.  If you do 4-wheeling, or canoeing, a tent cot may be just what you are looking for.  Tent Cots are light, compact, protections from bug, complete with storage for personal items.

Camping Air Mattress

Air Mattress Camping

Some may not consider an air mattress a good camping bed but with the durable material that air mattresses are now being made of, think twice.  Especially if you have a physical need that is not met with a pad or cot.  The heavier material that is now being used is more resistant to puncture and some come with an available cover for even more puncture resistance.

Mattress Height

If you have difficulty getting off the ground, the mattress height should be considered as well.  Heights can range from a single at 6 1/2 inches, double at 18 inches to triple 23 inches.  If you need or want more height, putting an air mattress on a cot is another way to do it.

To go with the best you may be interested in purchasing an air mattress with a frame.  The accordion design, allows for quick set up without damaging your tent floor.

Truck Air Mattrss

For the Truck Campers you can purchase a mattress that will fit the bed of your truck.  These are shaped like a large fat I, fitting around the tire wells, maximizing the overall space.  Ideal for eating, sitting, or sleeping when you use SUV tent or have a Canopy tent.

Air Pumps

Ok, you are almost ready to purchase an air mattress, but what is holding you back is inflating it once you reach your campsite.  With the popularity of air mattresses, air pumps are now more user friendly.  From the bicycle style to battery charged, to built-in, the mattress can be quickly inflated.  Camping beds can make all the difference in the world in enjoying your trip to the great outdoors and we have a lot of experience with them over the years. 

If you have any questions  about the different beds or which one would be best for you, email us using the Contact Us page.

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