Camping Activities

What to do when you get there

Outdoor Crafts

Camping activities are a great way to enjoy your camping trip even if the reason was to go rafting or kayaking in the first place.  Outdoor Recreation is not only healthy, but also a good way for friends and family to have fun, creating memories for years to come.

Kids Camping Activities

Camping activities for kids can consist of such as hiking, bike riding, or horseback riding.  For instance, if you are not up for backpacking overnight, then why not try a short hiking trip for a couple of hours or for the day.  Many of the campgrounds in or near mountains will have information on trails near the campground.

To keep your children from getting restless, spend an afternoon doing outdoor crafts.  Gathering the craft material from around the campsite  can be a game in itself.  Having them scavenge unique items to use in the project is half the fun.

Older children and adults can engage in games that can be adapted to the area available such as Volleyball, Tag Football, or Soccer.  Away from the campsite horseback riding, rafting, or hiking are just a few of the many other activities.

As the day whines down when supper is done, nothing is better than to sit around the campfire, telling campfire ghost stories or singing campfire songs.  No matter the age, everyone knows one.

Camping Games

Here are some camping activities:

Camping Activities

If you are a member of a special interest group such as bikers, hikers or rafters you may want to contact a company like Backroads to help you with all the details.  If you are not you may want to ask when making your reservations at the campground what is there to do around the campground.  They will have list with contact info so you can call and find out more.

You do not have to do anything but relax (our favorite) when you are at your campsite, (which should be first on your list), but having a few ideas ready to use at a moment's notice can be very helpful and relatively inexpensive.

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