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Who can't use Campfire Tips?  No one wants to struggle with the campfire while everyone is looking over your shoulder.  If it is cold you want to get the campfire going fast.

Having a campfire seems simple enough, put a pile of wood in the pit and light right?

  There is a little more than that.  Camping Carl was very helpful in teaching how to build a good campfire.  Campfire Basics cover the basics, and here you will learn campfire tipst o go along with the Campfire Basics page.

1.Use Baby Wipes or Sanitizing Wipes as a fire starter (check before leaving, not all wipes are flammable).

2. Cheese puffs or Daritos can be used as a substitute for tinder.

3. Cotton balls and Q-Tips coated with an oil, Vaseline or petroleum jelly, stored in a resealable bag.

4. Bring a fire log (prefab type),chop it up into pieces and use a piece to start fire.

5.  Laundry lint makes good tinder. Use lint roller paper. By placing this on the fire, it lights very quickly.

6. Waterproof matches by dipping stick matches in melted wax or nail polish and when needed, scrape off the tip of the match and light.  Also keep matches in a waterproof container.

7. In a pinch try lotions, sun block, shaving gel, shampoos and even cologne many are flammable.

8. Dry pine resin can be used as fire starter.

9. Split wet wood there is a good chance the inside is dry and can burn while outside dries.

10. Make fire starters by filling paper condiment cups with sawdust and pouring paraffin into the cup.

11. Cardboard tubes from kitchen and toilet rolls, stuff with waste paper or dryer lint can be used as firelighters.

12.  Use dry grass or hay for fire starter

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