Camp Stoves

Two burner camp stove

Camp stoves will probably be the first on the list when you are considering what Camping Kitchen Equipment you will need.  Camping stoves come in various sizes from single burner to triple burner.  Fuel used ranges from Butane, White gas, Kerosene, Diesel #1, Auto Fuel, Jet Fuel, & others.  There is a large selection to choose from to fit your type of camping.

Camping Stove Fuel Types

  • White gas - High heat output, Priming required, Spilled fuel evaporates quickly Spilled fuel highly flammable, Readily available
  • Kerosene - High heat output, requires priming with alcohol, Readily available internationally, May produce sooty smoke
  • Butane - Instant high heat output, No priming required, No spilling, High cost, Poor performance in cold weather, Lower heat output than white gas, Canister disposal required
  • Propane - Better in cold than butane, Larger containers refillable, High cost, Limited availability, Canister disposal required
  • Alcohol - Quiet, Clean burning, Readily available, Lower heat output, Longer cooking time
  • Unleaded gasoline - Inexpensive, Highly volatile, Readily available worldwide, Dirty

Single Burner Camp Stoves

These are used by those camping alone, such as backpackers or where space is limited, such as motorcycle camping.  These types of stove consist of a burner, fuel tank, pot supports and heat quickly reducing the amount of fuel used.  Some are design to use more than one type of fuel.  Complete with windscreen, caring case, maximum weight of 1lb (including fuel).  Tank capacity on most stoves is 1.1 pint, lasting 1.75 hours on high and 6.5 on low.  One could just build a fire out of twigs and leaves but the chard ground takes 2 – 3 years to return to a state where vegetation can grow. 

Two burner Camp Stoves

camp stove/grill

Either set on a table or stand.  Some are capable of using more than one type of fuel.  With each burner having its own control, cooking on these stoves is the same as cooking on a gas stove at home.  Designed to unfold with its own wind screen which not only reduces chance of flame going out but help save on fuel used.  Maximum tank capacity 2.5 pints, will last approximately 2 hours when both burners are on high.  A half step up is a grill / stove combination (one burner replace with grill grate).  These grill average 5 lbs. (without tank) are more commonly used at campsites rather than on the trail.

A tried and true method of survival cooking is the Volcano survival grill.  The unit is collapsible for easy carrying and best of all, is super efficient in producing heat quickly.  In addition, the Volcano is designed to use 3 fuel sources: wood, charcoal, or even propane gas.

Check out the Camping Store for a variety of stoves that are available.  Ranging in price, size any type of camping you may do.

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