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Camp Cooking can be just sitting around the campfire roasting hot dogs or eating beans out of a can, but it can be more than that.  With the recipes for various types of cooking, it can be just like home cooking.  The only thing that holds you back from being the envy of the campground is your imagination.

Camp Cooking

This is part of the camping adventure, and all it takes is a little planning.  

First, consider your level of expertise, then the number of people in your group, and finally how long you will be out.  Knowing these numbers makes it easy in planning your camping menu, and looking at Recipes in deciding what Outdoor Cooking Supplies you will need.

Staying with the basic items listed on the Camping Kitchen Equipment  page will suffice.  This will save money, space, and get your creative juices going to create new Recipes. 

These items range in features as well as price.  As you gain experience camp cooking, you may want to upgrade to adding a Camping Kitchen, or Chuck Box assisting to centralizing your food preparation.  On the other hand, if backpacking minimizing and still have a delicious meal.

Cooking on a Camp Stove is the same as at home, but you are limited to one or two burners.  Refer to the Outdoor Cookware for what pots and pans are best.  Where you will have more of a challenge is Campfire, Foil Pack, and Dutch Oven Cooking. 

All three do take some practice, each have different technique that you have to learn to be successful. 

Cooking Techniques

All four different types of cooking are similar, yet have techniques that you will need to learn.   Such as understanding how to get the heat sources correct to obtain proper cooking temperatures.  

Camp Stoves use propane gas, you will find that you are able to control the heat better and you can use any type of cookware.

Camping Grill

Foil packet is probably the next easiest which uses  the heat from the campfire or camping grill.  Either way the packet is not place directly on the fire, but off to the side or on a grate.  You will need to turn it once or twice if on a grill.  

If you use a campfire as the heat source, place the packet on the outside edge of the fire.  You will need to turn the packet two to three times and watched closely.

Dutch ovens are an oven, and food prepared using a Dutch oven, are the same as those that are prepared in your oven at home.  Charcoals will need to be prepared ahead of time.  Once they start to develop the gray ash on the outside, they are ready to use.  Refer to our Dutch Oven Recipes page for placement of coals.

Campfire cooking is just that cooking on the campfire.  Use a grate to put the cookware on or tripod if using a cast iron pot.  Refer to our Outdoor Cookware page for what cookware to use.  The most popular is cast iron because you can use a tripod, grate, or put the cookware directly on the campfire.

Camping Menu

If you need some Camping Food Ideas, a good place to start is looking at Camping Recipes.  Beginners may want to consider the Easy Camping Recipes that require only a few ingredients.  Some may stay with these types of meals so they can devote more time to Outdoor Activities instead of preparing meals. 

There are also recipes that require more ingredients or longer cooking time.  You may consider these recipes, if you stay around the campsite most of the day or you stay more than a couple of days.

Therefore, you do not have to limit you meals to something out of a can.  We suggest if you are going to be camping 3-4 days making at least one breakfast, lunch, and dinner more special than the others. 

Campfire Cooking

Most Campsites will have Outdoor Fire Pits in which to build your campfire so a grill or stove will not always be necessary.  Although, in preparing your food, you may want to use an outdoor great outdoors grill or stove instead of the campfire.  Experiment, use any one of these three methods, and your camping meals may become an activity in itself.

Your Food will be the same or similar as the food you have in your kitchen.  You are not going to need to buy special food, unless you are backpacking.  When you are backpacking or Motorcycle camping, you going to be limited to what you can carry, you may consider freeze-dried or dehydrated meals.  When you are Motorcycle Camping, you do have the choice of stopping at a grocery store or but do consider some of the food that Backpackers purchase this will save time and trouble of stopping.

Remember you may not be that close to a grocery store when you get hungry so plan ahead.  If you have additional questions send us an email using the Contact Us button on this page.

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