Camp Cooking Tips

Every Camper has a few Camp Cooking Tips that they have learned along the way.  These tips range from making better food preparations, food storage, to making the meal tast more delicious.

While packing, you can throw in a can of beans as backup. Try to keep it as a backup and not the meal.  Of course, Camper Carl will tell you that beans are easy to fix, just open the can and set next to the campfire, if you don't open the lid all the way you can use it as a handle.

So with that in mind, Camper Carl and other campers helped us come up with the  list of Camp Cooking Tips below. If you want more info go to the Camp Cooking page.

1. Use zip-lock bags for mixing foods. Be sure it is closed tight and the top is held shut before shaking or kneading.

2.  Coals provide a more steady, even heat without the smoke.  To get your charcoal pieces ready quicker, use a charcoal chimney. Cook on or over coals (either wood or charcoal) not flame.

3. Use a canning ring to cook your eggs when using English muffins or bagels, for egg sandwiches.

4. Place Tin Foil in bottom of Dutch Oven for easy cleaning. This recommended if you baking.

5. Use a leather/suede work glove as an oven mitt.

6. Apply oil on your grill to keep foods from sticking.

7. If you add too much salt to a recipe, add a peeled potato to the dish and finish cooking. The potato will absorb the excess salt.

8.  Cover pots to keep dirt, leaves and bugs out of your food. Food will get done quicker and you will save on fuel. 

9. To easily remove burnt on food from your skillet or pan, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover bottom of pan and bring to a boil.

10. For washing dishes or clean up, fill 2 or 4 large coffee cans with water, cover with heavy duty aluminum foil.  Place the cans directly on hot coals.  Place grill grate on top.  Water will heat while you cook your food. When empty and cool place in plastic bags to keep soot from getting on other items. Once in bags you can store smaller camping items inside.

11. Use an old large coffee pot to heat up water for cooking, doing the dishes or for hot beverages.

12. Add an ice cube to single a Foil Packet dinners or vegetables packets to prevent them from burning and to keep them moist. Additional ice cubes if the Foil Packet will serve more than one person. (1 ice cube for each additional serving)

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