Backpacking Supply Checklist

Along with your equipment, a Backpacking Supply Checklist will assist you assuring that you are well prepared for the trail.  Items on this list are items that you replenish each trip.  Plan carefully, space and weight should be a factor in what items you take.  

If you are going to be on the trail for a long period of time consider having items such as food, fire starter, bug be items that you walk into town and purchase or mailed to you.  When survival camping, your pack weight should be no more than 30% of your body weight.

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Camping Supplies
Entertainment / Activities
Binoculars First Aid Kit BIC lighter
Bird guide Backpack / Fanny Pack butane lighter (refillable)
Books/Magazines Bug net kindling /newspaper / firestarters
Camcorder bug spray Lighter
Camera/Battery/Film/Video candles Lighter fluid
CD player Citronella candles Fire starter
Fishing gear/license/bait clothesline / clothespins Matches, Waterproof
Glow sticks Field & historical guidebooks
Interpretive field guides GPS receiver
Paperbacks/DVDs GPS/personal navigator
Pencil and paper Insect Repellent
Radio or music player with headphones Stuff Sacks / Utility Bags
Star chart/night-sky identifier toilet paper and plastic container
Two way radio
Water filters/purification/treatment
Weather Radio

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› Supply Checklist

› Supply Checklist