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About Us ...  We have built Outdoor Camping Guide based on the knowledge gained from the many years of camping and from campers just like you.

We have experienced all of the different styles of camping listed on Camping types because first-hand knowledge is key to writing about it.

We have not used all the equipment listed on our various equipment or cooking pages, but we have been around those who have.

We have built up a network of close friends and a few others that have or have done extensive research on everything on our pages.

The great thing about camping is the people that you meet along the way, are more than happy to talk about their adventures, campsites, and can't wait to tell you what works and what doesn't.

This is what drove us to create this website, taking what we know and passing it along to you.

Most of our camping adventures encircle the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains.  

There is no finer feeling than relaxing beside a murmuring mountain creek or stream, knowing that for the next 24 plus hours, No cell phone or TV.  

This is a much needed "recharge" to keep our minds and body to a true level of healthiness.

Camping in the woods near the mountains or within the valleys or huddled down for the night in one of the shelters on the Appalachian Trail puts you in full control and on your schedule, not someone else's.

What better way to teach a family to respect Mother Nature than by taking advantage of a truly affordable family vacation.  

The value of a family camping trips is priceless.  This brings a family together, to learn teamwork, respect nature and as a family gives you that much needed "quality" time that everyone talks about.

We feel that having the knowledge and basic skills to survive out in the wild can be used as building blocks for life.  Our children were always excited about our camping trips and now take their own.

Now that you know about us, we invite you to join our network and share your own experiences with us and others that can learn what you find during your next camping trip.

The Outdoor Camping Guide is just that, a guide for others to follow.

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