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Miscellaneous Camping Tips is a page of Camping Tips and ideas were hard to catagorize but are tips that can be useful to any camper.  Some came from Camper Carl, other campers, etc and just plan common sense.

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1. Take an extra tablecloth to throw over table covering the table as well any items on the table.

2. Plan on washing clothes if your going to camping more than a weekend.  This will allow you to reduce the total amount of extra clothes you will need to pack. 

3. Create a clothesline using para cord or use a piece of wood with many branches to dry out clothes and towels. 

4. Always have water, snacks, matches and a flashlight even when day hiking

5. Camp near a water source and use it.  By using water already at the campsite, you reduce the carrying weight .  If you use it for drinking make sure to filter and boil to kill contaminents.

6. Put a pan of  water on the fire while you eat so that it’ll be ready for cleanup when you are done. Water from stream or lake can be use if it boiled first.

7. Check weather report for the area you will be camping.  Adjust what you take according to the chances of rain etc.

8. Wearing a hat when you go to sleep will keep you warmer when you sleep.

9. Use foil to wrap small items that are wet before packing up to go home.

10. To avoid unwanted visits from animals, keep food stored away or hang above ground level.

11. If you are going to do a lot of hiking, to protect your feet from blisters, smear soap on the inside of your inner sock at the heel and underneath the toes. 

12. Flip Flops are great for around the campsite after a day of hiking.  Also can be used inside tent, leaving shoes at the door to keep from tracking dirt into tent

13. To add support to paper plates, place them inside a  Frisbee.

14. If you plan any time in the water, even if it is just wading in the stream, have a pair of river shoes.  This not only keeps other shoes dry, but you will not slip or cut your feet on rocks.

15. To avoid the crowd plan your shower during off times – very early morning, early afternoon, late in the evening

16. Consider a camping shower, which a large rubber bag with a spout that you can hang up to use. Water heated by the sun. Shower pumps can be additional convenience.

17. To keep from sleeping directly on the ground, gather leaves and place them under your sleeping bag or mat.  This will raise you off the damp ground as well a give you a cushion..

18.  Baking soda is useful for deodorizing tents and sleeping bags,  cooler, removing stains and also as a cleanser

19. Space blankets work great for unexpected cool weather. Can also be used a wind block or a cover from rain.

20. A bandana should one item you take on every camping trip.  It can be used to filter water, pick up hot pots, around head or face, and a wash cloth

21. Put the flashlight batteries in backwards in your battery operate equipment when not in use. This will prevent their usage if the item is turned on by accident.

22. Baby Wipes or Sanitizing Wipes, good for cleaning your hands, face, and other areas clean.

23. Use a plastic laundry soap container full of water for washing hands etc.  With imagination you can attach a roll of paper towels or just set the towels next to it.

24. Hand Sanitizer is necessary, not only for hand but also for other parts when water is limited.

25. Dental floss use as tread for repairs or emergency shoe laces

26. Pack 20 to 50 feet of para cord, the uses are endless.

27. Keep a picture of your children with you in case they get lost

28. Know how to identify poisonous plants, watch out for them when camping.

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