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Everyone who has camped has a Favorite Campground they like to go to.  There are many reasons that it is your favorite.  Could be because of the activities nearby, or the distance you have to travel when you only have a weekend.  It could be because the area in which it is located is "just the right spot.".

No matter what the reason, it keeps drawing you back.  It may be just the peace and quiet near a lake or stream.  It could be because there are hiking horseback riding trails nearby.  Maybe the owners of the campground are very friendly, or our favorite, reasonably priced.

Whatever the reason is, there are other campers who would enjoy it also, so why not write about it here. 

By letting people know why it is a great place to camp, you help the campground owner to stay in business and this means a lot in today's economy.  Many of our favorite campsites along the Nantahala River were swallowed up by developers, leaving no good campsites to enjoy.

You can add pictures along with your favorite campsite giving someone that reads it a real sense of how great the site really is.

What is Favorite Campground or Place to camp?

We all have a Favorite Spot that we always enjoy and love telling people about it. So why not share it!

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