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Knowing some good Backpacking Tips come from those who have done a lot of Backpacking, learning what works and what doesn't.   Well, Camping Carl  won't be much help here.  Oh he'll take a hike in the woods and camp a night or two but that is about it.

When Backpacking one of your concern is limiting the amount of weight you carry.  To do that you want to carry the bare minimum, items that can have a dual purpose. 

Below we have listed some backpacking tips that we have ask people who do a lot of backpacking or have researched.

1. Take time to choose the lightest compact camping equipment possible.  Weight and space will be a big concern, with time a research a number of pieces of camping equipment can be purchased including your sleeping bag, cookware, or tools.      

2. Try to choose items that can double for other things.  For example, use a poncho as a ground cloth or an unused cooking pot can double as a dinner plate. 

3. Choose dehydrated foods, drinking powders, and boxed foods without water in them.  Another option is single portions, no cans.

4. Plan to store food in several different areas for extended trips. Consider mailing food or purchasing in town near the trail which you can determine ahead of time. 

5. When packing you will want to put the heavier stuff on the bottom, especially with an external frame backpack.  Stacking items will help use space evenly making use of all available space.

6.  Use Trek poles help keep your balance.

7. Take snacks such as GORP trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, beef jerky etc. to give you a boost of energy  in between meals.

8. Wear a stocking cap to bed, this will keep your head warm and help keep you warm over all.

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