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Chuck Box

Cooking is a chore, when using one end of a picnic table, but a Camp Kitchen can ease that chore.  It is a portable work area for preparing and cooking food.  A great place to store all the items you use in meal preparation.  Easily organized, restock, and find the items you need quickly.  I will not go camping without mine.

Chuck Box

The original camp kitchen is a Chuck Box, was set up for instance on the back of a covered wagon.  Originating when large groups such as armies or people crossed long distances.  The front of the box drops down for a work surface and exposing storage area.  The box itself divided up in to several compartments to store all of the cooking utensils, pots etc.  Today, they are still used; some are free standing, (such as the one pictured) others set in the back of trucks or trailers.  Especially handy if you are out for a week or two.  The Tear Drop Trailer back end has a built in Chuck Box.

Folded up it resembles a wooden box, size varying in what plans you use.  These can be very simple to one that folds out with multiple work areas.  The only drawback is the weight, the larger the box, the heavier it is. 

Although you can buy, one there are several sources for plans for building your own chuck box.  After reviewing the plans, one may want to consider building one of your own.  You will be very surprised how easy it is and can customize the plans to fit your needs.

Camp Kitchen

Camping Kitchens are designed to be light weight, and easy to set up.  Frames made of either steel or aluminum folds out quickly, adjusting to the perfect work heights.  Work surfaces are made of aluminum or cutting boards.  All the materials are rust proof, resistant to the outdoor elements.  For those who need storage, there are some that come with a nylon bags that are detachable for easy storage away from critters.

Camp Kitchen
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Coming in a variety of styles, depending on your needs, there is one for you.  The simplest comes with an area for preparing the meal and a space for a camp stove.  Which is the one we use and has serves its purpose. The more elaborate has an area for the stove, food preparation, sink, and storage for food and cookware.   Not only does it make food prep easier but frees up the picnic table for eating.

Basic Camp Kitchen

With the surface made of aluminum, cleanup is a breeze and can be sanitize before and after each meal.  Everything within reach, cookware stored just under prep tops, utensils on hooks and spices on a shelf above work surface.  No, you are not in your kitchen at home but at your camping kitchen outdoors.

The average weight is between 13 and 25 pounds folding down to anywhere from 32" x 11" x 4" to 42" x 26" x 14", and conveniently stored in its own carrying case.  Completely set up measuring from 56"L x 21"W x 32"H. to 74.5'' x 64''x 20'' size may vary depending on the total work surfaces.

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